Wedding Planner Cost in Jaipur

How Much Does Wedding Planner Cost in Jaipur?

The cost of a wedding planner in Jaipur can range anywhere from INR 5 Lakh up to more than 20 lahks, depending on their experience and the type of event being planned.

The cost of hiring a wedding planner in Jaipur depends on the number of ceremonies, services needed and which planner you select. Most planners charge an agreed-upon price for their services, part of your overall wedding budget, or both. Furthermore, certain wedding planners offer discounts for larger gatherings or booking multiple services simultaneously. When researching wedding planners, it’s essential to inquire about their fees and packages to get value for your money.

Factors Affecting Wedding Planning Costs

Jaipur is considered one of India’s most beautiful royal and historical cities. As its capital city, Jaipur also attracts many tourists as a popular tourist destination. Planning your dream destination wedding in jaipur, there are various venues and hotels you can choose from; however, pricing for these venues depends on several variables. Here are some:

  • Planning a wedding in large urban areas tends to be more expensive than planning one in smaller, rural areas or within cities.
  • If you’re running late with planning your wedding day, the cost may increase because wedding planners must work all hours in order to stay on schedule.

On average, a Wedding Ceremony and Reception dinner with 150 guests costs between 24-30 lakhs (roughly Rs. 24-30). But double that number in just a few days with two such dinners!

How Much Will it Cost You to Stay?

Jaipur offers many 3-star Hotels and Resorts within its range that can be used for celebrations in palatial settings. Prices typically range from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 12000 per night per Room.

Five-star Hotels and Resorts typically cost from Rs. 12000 to Rs. 18000 per night per Room.

If you’re searching for the finest and most luxurious accommodation, luxury hotels ranging from Rs 25000 to Rs. 65000 per night per Room are your ideal choice.

Wedding Planner V/s Wedding Coordinator?

Wedding planners typically dedicate thousands of hours to making a perfect wedding. They take time to understand each couple’s needs and preferences and how they’d like their big day to run smoothly and easily. Full-time wedding planners may attend meetings on their own initiative and even make decisions that make planning your dream wedding effortless.

Wedding coordinators oversee all wedding details the couple plans and ensure they are executed smoothly on the big day. Additionally, they serve as a point person for vendors and guests with queries during the closing stages of the celebration.

What’s the cost structure for a wedding planner in Jaipur?

Wedding planner prices may vary significantly based on what services they provide, the amount and size of the event, and where it takes place. They generally charge an upfront fee for their services and then charge a specific portion of the total ceremony cost – usually 10%-20%. Some planners might add extra charges for items like organizing rehearsal dinners, booking transport/accommodation, or handling RSVPs.

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