Chomu Palace

The Chomu Palace

About The Chomu Palace in Jaipur

The Chomu Palace is a majestic heritage hotel that embodies the grandeur and charms of Rajasthan’s royal past. It is situated on Sikar road, naya bazaar. It covers 6 acres of land. The architecture of this palace is popular for the cultures and styles of their regional command. This palace reflects a blend of Mughal and Rajput styles, characterized by intricate frescoes, ornate carvings, and imposing facades.

The palace has been meticulously restored and converted into a luxury hotel while preserving its original charm and essence. Chomu Palace offers a glimpse into the extravagant lifestyle of the royal families while providing modern luxuries and comforts. It is constructed as a fort in the 18th century. 

The hotel spaces, where history meets modernity come alive with the laughter of celebrations making them the ideal backdrop for creating lasting memories. Chomu Palace is not just a hotel; it’s a portal to a different era because it’s a place where time slows down, inviting guests to walk in the footsteps of history, wonder at the architectural richness, and create their own stories among the greatness.

Areas Availability

  • Outside, there is a manoharpal garden with 350 seating and 500 floating.
  • Chaar bagh can be used for small occasions with 200 seating and 300 floating.
  • Beautiful Baradari mandap with 100 seating and 150 floating.
  • Mani Chowk that is also known as the main courtyard with 300 seating and 450 floating.
  • Rani Rawla which is only allowed for females also has a capability of 75 seating and 125 floating.
  • The Banquet hall is named Mantrana with 300 seating and 450 floating.
  • Also, a sheesh mahal is present in Chomu Palace with 50 seating and 75 floating.
  • Swarn Mahal is small in size but can be adjusted with 40 seating and 50 floating.
  • Poolside is also available on the entry side where 50 seating and 100 floatings are available.

Facilities and Services Offered

The heart of Chomu Palace lies in its warm hospitality and personalized service. The staff, supervisors of the palace’s legacy, ensure that every guest experiences the same approval that the palace has witnessed over centuries. The palace’s staff is well-versed in organizing grand events with their full efforts and dedication.

Chomu Palace is renowned for its royal dining experiences. The palace’s restaurants serve a delectable array of Rajasthani and Indian cuisines, prepared by skilled chefs who create dishes that tantalize the taste buds with authentic flavors. The palace offers a variety of accommodation options, including lavish suites and rooms that are each adorned with exquisite décor, antique furniture, and modern amenities. 


Address- Sikar Rd, Naya BaJar, Chomu, Rajasthan 303702

Operated Since- 2008

No. Of rooms at The Chomu Palace – 100 Rooms

Rating- 4.9/ 5