Bungalow Amer Resort

Jaipur’s Bara Bungalow Amer is a 3-star Resort and has 10 comfortable rooms that are certified at four stars. The fascinating Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing is just a 15-minute drive from the luxurious resort, while Amber Fort is about 6 kilometers away. In addition to being your safe, secure home away from home with modern amenities, comforts, and the distinctive Bara Bungalow experiences, Bara Bungalow Amer’s famous residence, Chhota Mahal, enthralls you with the aura, heritage, and stories of this renowned personality. 

Bara Bungalow Amer Resort is located 27 kilometers far from Jaipur international airport and 22 kilometers far from Jaipur railway station.  It is situated in Kunda, Amer in Jaipur. It has classic characteristics including arched entrances, elaborate frescoes, and ornamental decorations that honor the area’s rich heritage.

It covers 6 acres of land. The Bara Bungalow Amer Resort’s services will help you to enjoy and create special moments and give a greater experience with their personalized services. The resort’s architecture reflects the grandeur of Rajasthan’s past. It features traditional elements such as arched doorways, intricate frescoes, and ornate details that pay homage to the region’s rich heritage. The resort’s proximity to Amer Fort and other historical sites offers guests the opportunity to explore the rich history and culture of the region. The peaceful ambiance of the resort and perfect for destination wedding in Jaipur.

Facilities and Services Offered

Its tranquil setting, architectural beauty, and proximity to historical landmarks make it a desirable destination for those looking to experience the rich cultural tapestry of Jaipur and Rajasthan. The services provided by Bara Bungalow Amer, Jaipur always give a lasting impression on their guests.

 This resort provides a peaceful and real getaway that mixes contemporary luxury with the rich tradition of the area amid the pleasing and historic surroundings of Amer. Rajasthan’s former grandeur is reflected in the resort’s architecture.

  • 118 rooms and suites
  • Banquet hall
  • Multicuisine restaurant
  • Bar
  • Spa
  • Swimming pool 
  • Fitness center
  • Garden and lawn
  • Courtyard

Destination Wedding Costs at Bara Bungalow Amer in Jaipur

If you’re looking for somewhere that’s not too expensive and has a royal feel, look no further than Bara Bungalow Amer. If you are wondering how much a wedding at Bara Bungalow Amer costs, here is the answer.

  • Accommodation

Average room rates range from Rs 35,000 to Rs 44,000. So, if you are planning your wedding with a guest list of 150 people, the cost per night will be around Rs 50 lakh.

  • Decoration

Decoration is one of the most important elements of a beautiful wedding. Decorations like centerpieces, mandap, and many more cost Rs. 80 lakhs for Rs. 19 core and above.

  • Catering

The cost of Bara Bungalow Amer in Jaipur including food and drinks is 90,000 to 25,70,000 rupees.

  • Transport & Other Costs

In extra to the costs mentioned above, you also need to consider transport costs from the airport to the resort and back to the airport. Other services you should be ready for include mehndi artists, sound, folk artists to entertain the guests, photography makeup, DJs, and folk artists to entertain the guests, which can cost 85 lakh to 8 core rupees.

  • Cost of Food at Bara Bungalow Amer

The calculated cost of food for a destination wedding at Bara Bungalow Amer in Jaipur. A lunch costs between 26,000 to 56,000 & dinner between 48,000 to 88,000. So, for a guest list of 150, it would cost you around 75 lakh to 3.5 core rupees for a two-time meal.

  • Cost of Stay at Bara Bungalow Amer

Bara Bungalow Amer offers 75 rooms and suites. The middle cost per room is between 50,000 rupees to 85,000 rupees. For a guest list of 150 the stay would cost you around 2,90,00,999 rupees.

Choose Your Favorite Bara Bungalow Amer as Your Destination Wedding

Bara Bungalow Amer is an ethnic wedding venue in Jaipur, perfect for hosting all your special occasions in an atmosphere of unparalleled bliss. Indian weddings are elaborate ceremonies that follow ancient customs. It is organized with care and luxury to make it the most significant event in the life of the couple and their loved ones. If you are looking for a wedding venue that will meet your standards and provide you with first-class services, visit Bara Bungalow Amer.

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