Samode Haveli

All Information About Samode Palace

Samode Haveli Resort is a testament resort having offers a seamless fusion of historic grandeur and modern luxury, providing guests with an enchanting journey into the regal past. Samode Haveli covers 20 acres of land. It captures the essence of Rajasthan’s rich history and architectural marvels. It builds centuries ago by the Nobel Samode family, the haveli has retained its original charm and intricate design, making it a living relic of the region’s regal legacy. The haveli enjoys a strategic location, offering a tranquil oasis in the midst of the bustling city of Jaipur. 

This positioning allows guests to immerse themselves in the cultural treasures and architectural wonders of the city while providing a serene retreat that evokes a sense of timelessness. From elegantly appointed rooms adorned with traditional Rajasthani artwork to lavish suites that exude opulence, each space is a unique blend of history and comfort, offering guests a taste of royal living. 

Samode Haveli’s magnificent courtyards are one of its distinguishing characteristics. The lush gardens, elaborate fountains, and detailed carvings that adorn these outdoor areas create a tranquil atmosphere that transports visitors to a bygone era of refinement and elegance. Each visitor’s needs are treated with genuine concern, resulting in a relaxing and memorable stay. The Samode Haveli in Jaipur promises an extraordinary voyage into the royal lifestyle, whether you’re looking for a cultural immersion, a romantic getaway, or a taste of it.

All Rooms & Facilities of Samode Palace in Jaipur

Samode Palace is one of the best wedding venues in Jaipur. They offer a wonderful wedding experience in a royal setting surrounded by the Aravalli Hills.

There are 25 deluxe rooms, 15 deluxe rooms, and 3 royal rooms, allowing guests to experience the grandeur and sophistication of royal life from a bygone era. The multi-cuisine restaurant and lush gardens will host your public functions like the royal family of Rajasthan.

With Samode Palace as your wedding venue in Rajasthan, India, you don’t have to worry about anything. From spectacular celebrations to grand receptions and comprehensive packages; all is for you.

Services & Facilities

Numerous amenities are offered to couples at the Samode Haveli resort is best for destination wedding in Jaipur. The staff at the Fairmont Hotel is dedicated to providing top-notch customer service. Due to their genuine friendliness and attention, every visitor has a fun and memorable stay

  • 25 Deluxe Rooms
  • 15 Deluxe Suites
  • 3 Royal Suites 
  • 2 multicuisine resaturants
  • 1 Bars
  • Swimming Pool
  • Banquet Hall
  • Gardens
  • Spa
  • Cultural & Outdoor activities 
  • Ceremonial welcome

Destination Wedding Cost at Samode Palace

  • A wedding at Samode Palace Jaipur can cost anywhere between Rs 40,000 to Rs 50,000 for a two-day event with around 100 guests. The Samode Palace has 42 furnished rooms and rates range from 10,000 to 16,000 rupees per night. The total cost of a wedding with 200 to 250 guests can vary between Rs 30,000 and Rs 50,000.

  • Accommodation
  • Average room rates range from Rs 10,000 to Rs 24,000. So, if you are planning your wedding with a guest list of 150 people, the cost per night will be around Rs 12 lakh.

  • Decoration
  • Decoration is one of the most important elements of a beautiful wedding. Decorations like finals, mandap, tables, chairs, centerpieces, stage, dance floor, flower arrangements, and lighting cost Rs. 90 lakhs for Rs. 2 core and above.

  • Catering
  • The cost of Samode Palace in Jaipur including food and drinks is 90,000 to 25,70,000 rupees.

  • Transport & Other Costs
  • In addition to the costs mentioned above, you also need to consider transportation costs from the airport to the hotel and back to the airport. Other services you should prepare for include mehndi artists, sound, folk artists to entertain the guests, photography makeup, DJs, and folk artists to entertain the guests, which can cost lahk to core rupees.

  • Cost of Food at Samod Palace
  • Here is the estimated cost of food at Samode Palace Jaipur. Lunch costs between 5000 and 8000 and dinner between 7000 and 9000. So for a guest list of 100 people, you need to spend around INR 2,80,000 per day.

  • Cost of Stay at Samod Palace
  • Samode Palace has 43 luxurious rooms and suites. Average room rates range from 30,000 to 60,000 rupees. This means that accommodation for a guest list of 100 will cost you around Rs 40,00,000.

Choose Your Favorite Samode Palace as Your Destination Wedding

Samode Palace is a wonderful place that represents Indian architecture with modern luxury and contemporary beauty. The hotel’s luxurious spa will leave you relaxed and refreshed before starting your day with your most heartfelt celebration. Samode Palace believes that weddings are made in heaven and hence guarantees a heavenly experience during the wedding ceremony, haldi, engagement, sangeet, and cocktail hour. Samod Palace Suites represents luxury and modern craftsmanship for luxurious comfort. 

Rooms are filled with intricate patterns, rich rugs and linens, pretty curtains, carved sofas, and open bathrooms. The magical hospitality of Samode Palace will ensure that your big celebration is celebrated in luxurious surroundings. When it comes to cuisine, professional chefs strive to provide the best for you and your guests. They cook everything from royal Indian cuisine to fine European cuisine to sweet and savory Asian dishes. Come to Samode Palace today for a magical experience.

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