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About Shiv Vilas Resort in Jaipur

Shiv Vilas Resort, Jaipur is a renowned luxury resort that stands as a testament to its beautiful architecture and lavish design. It is situated in the Kukas, Jaipur. This resort offers easy access to both city and Delhi, making it a convenient choice for destination weddings in Jaipur. This one is the best choice for those who want to do their wedding in a 5-star luxury Resort as it is considered the best in the overall resorts of Jaipur. 

This covers 32 acres of land that’s why it is known as the best. Shiv Vilas Resorts excels in event and conferencing facilities, offering spacious banquet halls and outdoor venues suitable for weddings and special celebrations. While marriages, guests stay at a hotel, they can also explore the attractions of Jaipur. This is called for its impressive events and good facilities.

The resort is designed in a style reminiscent of Rajasthan’s rich heritage and Mughal architecture. This resort also has been recognized by various travel and hospitality awards for its exceptional services and facilities. The hotel’s exterior is carved meticulously in ‘pink sandstone’ and ‘white marble’. The Shiv Vilas resort stands for its reputation by symbolizing the essence of Rajasthani’s royal culture. The resort ultimately wants to be everyone’s first choice for a wedding destination.

Areas Availability

  • There is the main polo where 3000 seatings and 3500 floatings are available.
  • Minipolo has 1000 seatings and 1200 floatings.
  • Helipads are also there where 800 seatings and 1200 floatings are available.
  • There is a presidential ballroom that has 200 seatings and 250 floatings.
  • The chancery area has a 50-seating and 100-floating capability.
  • Deewana are having 70 seatings and 100 floatings.
  • On the poolside, there are 200 seatings and 250 floatings.
  • Shahibag, the big area from the overall resort has 35000 seatings and 4000 floatings.

Facilities and Services Offered

The staff at Shiv Vilas Hotel ensures to be providing warm hospitality and attentive service, aiming to provide guests with a truly luxurious memorable experience. The resort’s amenities are equally impressive that help to contribute to a serene ambiance. The staff also welcomes our guests with traditional Indian royal style, which enhances the overall experience of the attendant. 

Shiv Vilas Resorts boasts a variety of facilities to cater’s its guest’s needs. The resorts offer a range of accommodation options, including luxurious rooms, suites, and private villas. Shiv Vilas Resorts stands as a top choice for those seeking a luxurious retreat where they can indulge in comfort, also can immerse themselves in history, and can enjoy the charms of Jaipur.


Address- Shiv Vilas Resort, Delhi – Jaipur Expy, Kukas, Jaipur, Rajasthan 303101

Operated Since- 2002

No. Of rooms at Shiv Vilas Resort- 75 Rooms

Awards- a. Pacific Area Travel Writers Association

  1. World Luxury Hotel Award
  2. Tripadvisor Excellence Award

Rating- 4.3/ 5