The Raj Palace

The Raj Palace 

About the Raj Palace in Jaipur

To make your special moment, select the best palace in Jaipur named The Raj Palace. This is situated on Amer Rd, Chokdi Gangapol in Jaipur. The Raj Palace is one of the oldest and the city’s first palaces. This splendid palace is a reflection of the state’s rich history, architectural finesse, and regal lifestyle. They also got awarded as the World’s Leading Heritage Hotel by the World Travel Awards 2007.

 This wedding hotel in Jaipur will create unforgettable moments by creating a romantic surrounding for every loving couple. The Raj Palace is also known as ‘The Chaumoo Haveli’. It covers 110000 sq ft of land. Over the centuries, the palace underwent several transformations, witnessing the evolution of architectural styles, while retaining its essence as a symbol of Rajput magnificence. 

Guests can savor authentic Rajasthani cuisine, witness traditional dance and music performances, and partake in activities that showcase the region’s artistic heritage, such as block printing, pottery, and turban tying. The raj palace is not only a historical relic but also a luxury heritage hotel, offering visitors an opportunity to immerse themselves in the regal lifestyle of the past. It has a unique blend of Indian and Western architecture that stands out in the raj palace. Its diligent restoration has not maintained architectural integrity but also allowed its legacy to be shared with the world.  

Areas Availability

  • Charbagh of the Raj palace with 700 seatings and 1200 floating.
  • Mehfil Mahal ballroom has 200 seating and 400 floating.
  • There is a shahi bagh of the Raj palace where 500 seating and 700 floating.
  • Maharani Bagh of the raj palace with 700 seating and 1200 floating.
  • Baithal ballroom with 120 seating and 150 floating.
  • Diwan e aam with 150 seating and 200 floating.
  • Diwan e Khas has 120 seating and 150 floating.
  • There is a moti chowk with 80 seating and 120 floating.
  • The fountain courtyard has 150 seating and 250 floating.

Facilities and Services Offered

The Raj Palace’s array of services and facilities caters to the desire for modern weddings and events while preserving the elegance and allure of Rajasthan’s royal heritage. Whether one is seeking relaxation, cultural immersion, or a taste of opulence, the place offers exceptional experiences to its guests.

The Raj Palace Jaipur has done its work carefully to satisfy its clients by serving the best services. With its uncountable services and beautiful decorations, this will continue to captivate the hearts of visitors from around the globe. 


Address- The Raj Palace, Jorawar Singh Gate, Amer Rd, Chokdi Gangapol, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302002

Operated Since- 1727

No. Of rooms at The Raj Palace – 50 Rooms

Awards- World’s Leading Heritage Hotel by the World Travel Awards 2007

Rating- 5/ 5